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Emotional Survival in Quarantine Times

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Since the WHO (World Health Organization) officially declared a pandemic, millions of people around the world have had to deal with challenging feelings like anguish, fear, and uncertainty. And being quarantined aggravates the anxiety levels during the time of crisis.

But for our immune system to function properly, we need to control our stress, anxiety, and insomnia which affect the hypothalamus, which in turn regulates all vital functions and also influences immunity. Here are some tips:

Establish a routine

Maintaining a routine is a simple way to enhance well being. Establish fixed work schedules, breaks, meals and don't forget to create moments of leisure and rest. Take off your pajamas, and have a designated place in the house for work. Working from home is for some a wonderful experience, and a great challenge for others. The moment calls for tolerance and adaptability.

If you have children home, give them some activity, or ask for someone to keep them entertained during periods when you need to be 100% focused on work.

For couples under the same roof, remember: Patience, patience, patience.

Don't isolate yourself emotionally

The human being is a social “creature”. Being isolated can be quite complicated and aggravates anxiety and stress. Make phone calls and online meetings with your friends and relatives.


Helping is one of the most beneficial attitudes to our mind, and the moment is in great need of empathic attitudes. Find out if your friends, relatives, co-workers and neighbors are doing well. Get in touch, offer your listening and support. I guarantee that those who spend their time taking good care of themselves and others do not have much mental space for dissatisfaction.

Have you already talked to all of them? Write, sing, paint, or study. There's a vast offer of online courses out there, and many of them are having specials during this quarantine times.

You are not alone

We are all going through this together. The moment is an invitation to analyze what really has value in our lives, and the importance of our health and our relationships. We can look at all this as an opportunity to learn a lot, and get out of this phase even more capable of making our lives, careers, and relationships worthwhile and meaningful.

Take good care of yourself. However, if you find that the feelings of fear, insomnia, thoughts of constant tension and irritability are overwhelming, do not hesitate to seek professional support. Many therapists and analysts offer phone and video sessions, especially now.

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