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Meet Jaime

As a longtime businessman and CEO, husband, father and grandfather, I know how challenging it is to be your best self, and how difficult to reconcile your personal and professional lives. These very challenges led me to the psychoanalytic couch in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where I grew up. I was blown away by the results. So blown away that I decided to become a professional therapist and bring this gift to others.​​

I specialize in psychodynamic therapy and psychoanalysis, for depression, whether it is severe, or simply to help people find themselves and bring their lives to greater fruition. As an analyst, my goal is to help you understand what’s going on in your internal, emotional world. You’re brilliant in most areas of your life, so why are you sometimes stuck in other areas? The answer is because It’s not a matter of intelligence. It’s because our mind and psyche is so deep and vast, that we need someone to help us figure out ourselves. This will enable you to find solutions that work for you on an individual basis, and help you to discover the true potential of your life, so everyday can be a celebration, and feel like a real ‘breath of fresh air.’

Languages Spoken

English, Portuguese, Spanish, Yiddish, Hebrew


Yeshiva of Nitra, Mount Kisco, NY - Bachelors in Talmudic Law

Touro Graduate School of Psychology, New York, NY - Masters in Mental Health Counseling

Post Graduation

New York Psychoanalytic Society and Institute - Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

American Institute of Psychoanalysis - Psychoanalysis


​I'm a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) by the State of New York, and a licensed professional counselor (LPC) by the State of New Jersey. In addition, I'm certified by the State of New Jersey for SNA.

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